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Updated: Dec 19, 2018

The so-called “reproducibility crisis” has shaken the standards of science (Open Science Collaboration, 2015). It is becoming increasingly clear that the way we do science and communicate it has to change in order to increase the replicability and robustness of scientific findings.

To attain this goal, several points of reform have been suggested, as for example:

(1) to make data publicly available, as well as materials, and analysis scripts;

(2) to provide open access to published papers;

(3) to change the level of evidence in the data required to publish results in support of new hypotheses;

(4) to preregister hypotheses and analyses plans, or even

(5) to submit the paper for approval before data-collection (the so-called registered reports).

In this survey, we want to understand the impressions and experience of psychological researchers based in Switzerland regarding these proposed reforms. Are they perceived as important and necessary? Are they being implemented and to what degree? What are the positive and negative experiences that followed from the interaction with these proposals?

Let us know your opinion and experience with open science!

Every viewpoint is relevant. No matter whether you are positive, neutral, or negative towards such proposed changes, fill out the survey so that we can fully appreciate your viewpoint. It will only take 5 minutes!


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