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I am a researcher in the field of cognitive psychology. My research focuses on the processes that allow us to have information temporarily available to complete a given task (a system known as working memory). To accomplish this goal, I do behavioral experiments, eye-tracking, and computational modeling.


Since 2015 I have been sharing the data, the analysis scripts, and materials that I use in my research. I am generally interested in procedures that could facilitate the communication and reproducibility of research findings, thereby improving the research workflow and the reliability of psychological science. 

Senior Researcher

University of Zurich

Dr. Alessandra S. Souza

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I study cognition, both in children and in adults. My research program aims primarily at uncovering the structure and functioning of working memory, and at examining the interplay between working memory and other cognitive functions. I use behavioral experimentation to address my research questions, sometimes in combination with neuroimaging.

I aim to have my research as open and reproducible as possible. I am interested in initiatives and procedures that increase the openness and reproducibility of research findings, that promote the dissemination of theoretically relevant null results, and that facilitate multi-lab collaborations.

Assistant Professor

(SNSF Eccellenza Fellow)

University of Geneva

Dr. Evie Vergauwe


SOPSI is a project launched by Drs. Alessandra S. Souza and Evie Vergauwe that has three main aims:

 (1) to assess the impressions of Swiss-based psychology researchers regarding open science. Several reforms have been proposed to improve the reliability of psychological findings, but the adoption of these measures has been slow. Multi-faceted factors may contribute to it (e.g., their perceived cost-benefit ratio) and we need to understand them.

(2) to promote events related to open science in Switzerland.

(3) to create a network of researchers interested in sharing tips, tools, and possibly joining multi-site collaborations across Switzerland, and beyond.

This project received funding from the UNIGE-UZH Joint Seed Funding Scheme.  

Swiss Open Psychological Science Initiative



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